Don’t Trust Random Reviews – Trust Your Friends

Our friends know the best spots in the neighborhood, the local businesses that go the extra mile – the Real Gemzz.

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RealGemzz allows you to connect with your friends, ask for recommendations, share experiences and exchange referrals.

Support Your Local Gemzz

Every referral supports a local business in your neighborhood – e.g. your favorite restaurant, barber, mechanic, tailor or gym.

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RealGemzz gives these businesses exposure and allows you to showcase your favorite businesses to your friends.

Get Rewarded For Successful Referrals

With the RealGemzz app you and the referrer can earn cash points each time you check into a referred business.

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RealGemzz provides the most relevant and trustworthy reviews and referrals – coming from your friends and likeminded people.

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Connect With Friends

Connect with friends and follow like-minded people to find the best services in your neighbourhood.

You may also invite more friends to RealGemzz and earn referral rewards when they sign up. Your activity feed allows you to stay up to date on the latest recommendations of the people that share your taste and browse through their latest reviews.

Share Experiences

Review your favorite businesses and stay up to date on the latest recommendations of the people that share your taste.

Your activity feed will keep you informed of all referrals, reviews and discussions happening in your network.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask your friends or community where to find the best providers of a specific service you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for a tailor in Toronto or a restaurant in Rome - best to always check first if your friends can recommend a Real Gem.

Refer or Request

Send your friends a referral to a local service they might enjoy.

You can also browse your friends' “Favorite Business” list or use our smart search and request referrals.

You can exchange referrals in the app or send them via email or social media.

Redeem & Earn

Each referral contains either a QR code or a Check-in option. Depending on the type of the referral, just show the QR code to the participating business or check into the registered business location after your purchase.

Every time one of your referrals is successful, we automatically credit your reward to your wallet.

You can earn even more cash rewards by inviting your friends to RealGemzz.